The Colombo Classroom – 2

All over the world and across Sri Lanka, millions of children fail to realize their dreams and attain their aspired careers, simply because they lack access to a proper education and well-trained educators. Envisioning that the key to bridging this immense education divide is to inspire and encourage trained volunteer teachers to step up and take a leading role in educating the younger generations, Without Borders conceptualized The Colombo Classroom, Sri Lanka’s first ever public classroom. Initiated in 2015 with the support of its partners, Without Borders conducted its first Colombo Classroom at Crescat Boulevard, which focused on raising awareness on the need for trained volunteer teachers, especially for useful subjects such as English, digital literacy and creativity. The initiative garnered a phenomenal response, with more than 200 volunteer teachers from across the island committing to work with schools, orphanages and learning centres.

This year, Without Borders will be hosting the second edition of The Colombo Classroom in partnership with one of Sri Lanka’s most exciting and anticipated events – The Lanka Comic Con. The event will feature a class of 50 vibrant youngsters from an array of schools and learning centres, who will sit in an open-air teacherless classroom. The kids will patiently wait in their desks with books and pencils at hand, as bystanders are asked to try their hand at delivering a lesson on absolutely anything they like; something interesting and creative for the young learners to cherish and take back with them.

The event will conduct 8-10 open sessions for any passerby to teach a classroom full of eager students a lesson or topic of their choice, so long as it’s something new, exciting and of value to the kids. The event details are as follows:

Date: Saturday, 26th August, 2017

Venue: The Lanka Comic Con (Sri Lanka Exhibition and Communication Center)

Time: 1.00 p.m. Onward

Without Borders is a Social Enterprise with the core vision of empowering individuals and communities to become their best through innovative models of education. It currently undertakes two main projects, namely, Idea Lab and Inspire Lab. Ideal Lab offers a five stage curriculum focused on English, creativity and leadership. The curriculum caters to children as young as 5 years of age, to adults who are as old as 50 – 60 years of age, and is designed to help them unleash their full potential and become their best versions. Without Borders currently runs three Idea Lab centres, in Deraniyagala, Dehiowita and Colombo. Inspire Lab, which was launched more recently, is an innovative leadership accelerator, where young women from at-risk communities and backgrounds undergo a year-long series of workshops which focus on areas such as leadership, career development and community organizing. In addition to these projects, Without Borders is also actively engaged in the four focus areas of curriculum innovation, research on tech-based education solutions, teacher training workshops and sustainable & community driven development. Since its inception in 2014, Without Borders has managed to impact over 1,600 trainees across 7 deep rural communities in Sri Lanka, creating a profound ripple effect that stands to benefit the entire nation in the long term.