The UBURN Project – the ultimate mix of fun and fitness

Running since 2013, the UBURN Project is a training hub that helps individuals to reach their full potential through an active and wholesome lifestyle. The fun and creative sessions are tailored to cater to a wide range of physical fitness levels, ages and aptitudes, and encourages people to work out in groups outdoors. The programme is all about simplicity, technique and sustainability. The project encourages alternative forms of physical activity based on strength, mobility, building knowledge, agility and most of all, fun. The workouts are designed to have a remarkable impact and help members achieve exception short-term and long-term results.

With a vision to help people achieve their dreams through an active and balanced lifestyle, the 3-month long UBURN programme is designed to challenge people across all fitness levels.

Most of the workouts are equipment-free and focus on the following:

  1. Conditioning exercises – focused on mobility, breathing rhythm, range of motion and posture.
  2. Core work – these exercises will help to develop your core strength
  3. Cross-training – this is different from CrossFit, and the workouts do not include weight training.
  4. Alternative fitness and calisthenics – this is all about stepping out of the old gym/trainer paradigm and stepping into the most sustainable form of physical routines, which is varied, exciting and never monotonous.

The sessions – Duration breakdown

– 10 min warm up & dynamic stretching routine
– 05 min to hydrate and go over the workout routine (may include demonstration and practice)
– 25-30 min – Concentrated work out time (varies according to schedule and personal fitness levels)
– 10min debrief chat and warm down routine
– Extra time 5-15min – We encourage people to stay back and get what the team likes to call “mileage”, an extra 10-15 min of walk or light jog.

Name of the instructor(s): Mr. Udesh Hettiarachchie


Program 3 – Jul-Sep

Program 4 – Oct-Dec

Workout Days – Monday / Tuesday / Thursday / Friday

Workout Times – 5:30am + 8:00am / 6:30pm

Workout Layout – Duration: 1 Hour / Warm-up: 10min + Workout: 30min + Warm-down 20min

Workout Venues – Viharamahadevi Park / Independence Square / Royal Sports Complex

Fees & Duration

3 Months programme – Rs 18,000/- per person

Monthly Fee  – Rs 7,000/- per person

New members  – FREE Classes for the first week

 Contact Points:

* Mr. Udesh Hettiarachchie – 0777857641

* Mr. Suren Mendis – 0765778870