20% off on Kantala products via their online crowdfunding campaign

We’re really excited to feature Kantala’s story and the brand’s fun and beautifully crafted range of products on Getsy.lk. Kantala’s fashion accessories will help you to add a burst of colour, elegance and charm to any outfit and complete nearly any look.

Kantala is launching their first international collection via a crowdfunding campaign on June 26th, 2017 at a 20% discount. You can learn more about the Kantala brand below and get the inside scoop on how to get discounts when you join their mailing list and crowdfunding campaign.

In a nutshell: Kantala offers a range of handmade eco-friendly fashion accessories that have been crafted using natural materials and a 300-year old weaving technique. The name “Kantala” stems from the Sanskrit term for the Hana plant which supplies the main material used in creating the products. The Hana plant (Agave cantala) which can be easily identified by its signature rosette of thick elongated leaves, yields a fine fibre which Kantala extracts and weaves into timeless accessories that are chic, modern and good for people and the planet.

A colourful and elegant portfolio: Kantala has a diverse product portfolio comprising an array of stylish and elegant wallets, beach bags, tote bags, carry bags, clutch pouches, wristlet clutches and notebooks. In addition to Hana fibres, materials such Fair Trade guaranteed handloom, sustainable leatherette and upcycled coconut shells are used as raw materials. Each item is of high quality and the meticulously hand-woven pieces exude elegance and authenticity.

The range not only serves as the ultimate green and 100% vegan fashion accessory, it also helps to sustain the livelihoods of traditional artisans in rural Sri Lanka, while keeping the island’s ancient art of weaving alive.

The entrepreneurs behind the brand: The founders of Kantala, Vikum Rajapakse and Nadishan Shanthikumar started off as colleagues and friends. They shared common values, aspirations, and most of all, a steadfast vision to found revolutionary ventures of their own. It was whilst they were on their individual quests for a groundbreaking idea, that they were inspired to join forces and bring Kantala to life.

Get ready to stock up on Kantala staples:  If you’d like to embrace eco-friendly fashion alternatives today and learn more about Kantala’s vibrant range of products, visit the Kantala website (https://www.kantalabrands.com/) and subscribe to their mailing list and be the first to get 20% off on Kantala products via their online crowdfunding campaign.

Kantala is a Certified Good Market Vendor; Good Market Sustainability Award Winner -2016; PETA Approved Vegan.

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/kantalabrands/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kantalabrands/